Specflue aids specification of heat products

TOBA (Small)

As an addition to its range of air pellet stoves, Specflue is now offering the first design diffusers.

Supplied as part of the MCZ Comfort Air® range, the diffusers are fitted with air distribution outlets, offering a true design piece. Ideal for integration into any air-vented system and with exclusive light and aromatherapy functions, this is unique to the market.

Using an extractor on the back of the hot air exit diffuser, Comfort Air® extracts the heat produced by the stove with greater efficiency, giving a 30% increase in the heat released compared to traditional systems. This, together with its rapid and uniform distribution, gives householders an energy saving.

Comfort Air® effectively carries the warm air into other rooms, up to a distance of eight metres with a real temperature of up to 80°C. Unlike traditional systems, in which the jets must be positioned at the top, Comfort Air® allows the jets to be freely positioned, giving architectural and aesthetic advantages.

A tank located inside the diffuser contains water that vaporises when the hot air exits the system, ensuring balanced humidification of the room. Fragrances and essences can be added to the tank for a pleasant aromatherapy effect.

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